Agrimanagement staff are there to help with various special projects and unique troubleshooting issues. Below are some examples.

Herbicide and Weed Control Recommendations
On request, Agrimanagement will survey your weed problem and recommend appropriate controls.  In some cases soil bioassays may be made to determine potential hazards of phytotoxic herbicide residues, before the new crop is planted. 

Agronomic Feasibility Studies
We have done complete agronomic studies on undeveloped or developed land for growers, buyers, sellers, real estate personelle, or banking institutions. This may include examination of fertility needs, irrigation requirements, nematode analyses and estimated expenses. 

Orchard and Vineyard Replant Sampling
Soil is collected from representative sites in a designated renewal block. Soil is then analyzed for fertility (nutrient status and the soil chemistry), nematodes and plant diseases. Physical features are recorded or measured and mapped as may pertain to soil type, depth, or other physical considerations, such as texture and water holding capacity. Written reports and recommendations are made indicating the best replant management practices. 

Land Parcels identified for Sub-plat Application
Property can be evaluated for capability to sustain economic agricultural production. 

Bio-Assay Evaluations
Ahead of planting, bio-assays can be performed for a selected crop to determine soil disease pressure. An example would be the risk of Aphanomycetes in a field before Peas.