Our consulting professionals have a wealth of both on-the-job training and formal education to provide our growers with the best possible data and the most accurate recommendations.

Scott Stephen serves as the company's President and director of operations. He was born and raised on an apple orchard in the upper Yakima Valley. His family was involved in the apple industry and currently has a commercial nursery and organic blueberry farm. In 1991, he joined Agrimanagement as a summer sampler. During his first four summers at Agrimanagement he worked as a pest management scout in many crops including, mint, asparagus, alfalfa seed, and hops.

In 1996, Scott graduated from Washington State University with a B.S. in Soil Science. Since that time, he has consulted in irrigation monitoring and management, soil and plant nutrient management, and plant disease and pest management. He holds a Washington State Commercial Consultant license and holds certification as a Certified Crop Consultant Advisor. He is qualified as a Technical Service Provider (TSP) with the NRCS. He currently works with rotational and permanent crops in Central Washington

Dave Marshall is an economist specializing in agricultural and the related food industries of Central Washington and is familiar with the farm fields and orchards of the area. Dave is the corporate Treasurer for Agrimanagement and works on financial planning and project modeling for area agricultural businesses. He also supports the company's contract research projects.

He received a B.S. in Communications in 1986, from Washington State University. After three years of employment with Agrimanagement he returned to Washington State University and received a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics in 1992. Since returning to Agrimanagement in the fall of 1992 he has taken the role of business manager, director of various research and development projects, and information systems manager.

Dave has been the author and co-author of many published articles relating to trends and problems in Washington State agriculture and the apple industry. His graduate thesis was entitled: "A Profitability Analysis of Fuji Apples Grown on a Double Row V-Trellis High Density System in Central Washington."

Dave has experience in long range financial planning, statistical analysis, strategic planning, investment analysis, market studies, design and maintenance of information system for agriculture, and computerized mapping.

Lisa Brain is an entomologist who practices IPM (integrated pest management) tactics to reduce the amount of chemical control for the management of insect pests. She is experienced in monitoring and scouting techniques for a variety of insect pests and plant diseases that can be found in the many crops Agrimanagement works with.

Lisa was born and raised on an apple orchard in the Wenatchee Valley. Her father managed orchards and she later worked for him while obtaining a 2-year degree in Tree Fruit Production Management from Wenatchee Valley College. While at Wenatchee Valley College, Lisa became a Certified IPM Technician. She then continued her education in the field of entomology at the University of Idaho, where she received her B.S. in Entomology in 2004.

Lisa came to work at Agrimanagement in the spring of 2006, with a strong background in Tree Fruit Pest Management and Vineyard scouting. She is involved in all aspects of our pest management services. Lisa holds a Washington State Commercial Consultant license.


Ethan Partch is an agronomist with a passion for learning and helping growers maximize their crop’s potential. Ethan grew up on a farm in the Lower Yakima Valley. His family raises corn, alfalfa, small grain crops, and operates a local feed business. He first joined Agrimanagement in 2015 as a summer sampler, for over three summers he worked as an agronomy scout collecting plant tissue and soil samples. He has experience with a wide variety of crops grown in Central Washington.

Ethan received a B.S. in Agricultural Operations Technology in 2018, from Montana State University-Northern. While living in Montana, he also completed an internship with a contract research organization, assisting in the management of agricultural research trials. Since his return to Agrimanagement, he has assisted with plant nutrient management consulting, irrigation monitoring, and plant pest and disease control. Ethan holds a Washington State Commercial Pest Control Consultant Licence.