Seasonal Employement

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Locations: Yakima Valley (Yakima); Lower Yakima Valley (Prosser); Northern Oregon (Hermiston)

Each Spring, Summer, and Fall, Agrimanagement recruits a team of scouts and samplers who are interested in the agricultural sciences of Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Viticulture, Entomology, or Biology. Typically agricultural college students, our scouts are exposed to a wide variety of Pacific Northwest crops, and gain practical experience in the various industries of irrigated agriculture.  Our scouts receive training and experience in our wide range of consulting services. 

Cross-Training and Teamwork: Individuals hired with primary responsibility in any of the positions listed below may also receive training and work in other areas within the company. This allows the employee to gain experience in a number of areas and enables our operation to be more flexible and efficient.

These positions require teamwork, not only within the company, but within our client base as well. Our clients rely on our work to make important management decisions to potentially increase quality and yield. These decisions help them to maintain a profitable business, as well as reduce their environmental impact through water conservation, reduced pesticide use and proper nutrient management.

Requirements:  All sampling and scouting jobs require walking through fields. Samplers will often be required to carry up to 30 lbs of equipment in the heat of the summer. Consequently, the ability to work in a physically demanding outdoor environment is required. Good physical coordination and manual dexterity is also required. 

Applicants need a valid driver’s license, a High School diploma and preferably some experience in and around farm or orchard crop production. However, for weekend or after school work, a High School student over 18 will be considered. Other conditions and terms of employment will be covered after submission of an application and upon invitation to interview.

Rate of Pay: We offer a competitive pay rate which can be discussed after application or at the time of interview.

Time Frame: Mid-May to Mid-September

Position Descriptions

Pest Management

Pest Management Scout: Scouts are responsible for collecting field data in a variety of crops. Data collected could consist of insect pest and beneficial counts, as well as weed and disease observations, which are used as a basis for recommendations. Most of the work is outdoors, however, some office computer work may be included. Experience with beneficial and pest insect identification and/or common weed and plant disease identification is desirable.


Plant Tissue Scout / Sampler: This job consists of walking representative patterns in crop fields to collect petioles or other plant tissue for nutrient analysis. This requires someone who has normal color perception and can recognize differences in plant growth and development.

Irrigation Monitoring Technician: Soil moisture monitoring involves soil sampling to root zone depth and data collection using various methods of irrigation monitoring instrumentation. This work can be labor intensive. Work is performed for irrigation scheduling purposes on many crops.

Lab Technician (Yakima): This position will be responsible to operate agricultural lab equipment for soil and plant tissue nitrate analysis. Hours will vary depending on volume, with a base of 6 am to 3 pm during the peak of the season. The applicant should have a high school diploma. College coursework and an interest in a science related field is preferable. Quick turnaround of accurate results in a fast pace environment is needed. Excellent organizational skills, good communication and reasoning ability are important.

Sample Processor (Yakima): This position will process soil and plant tissue, as well as provide data entry support. Hours may vary, with a base of 3 pm to 9 pm. We are seeking a person who is well organized, has excellent reasoning skills, common sense, good communication skills, data processing skills, and is able to work independently.

Time frames: September through early November; February through March.

Position Description

Fall and Spring Soil Sampler:  Soil sampling with Agrimanagement involves visiting consigned fields with one of our supervisors using steel sampling tubes manually driven into the soil. You will use coring procedures and follow sampling patterns setup according to the company's established operating procedures. The fields are often walked with the sampler carrying up to 30 lbs of equipment plus the soil samples. The work could be compared to driving steel posts with a steel post driver.

To Apply: Please fill out by hand a copy of the Seasonal Employment application, and send along with your resume to:

Polly Weeks
Agrimanagement, Inc.
408 North First Street
Yakima, WA 98901