Agrimanagement is excited to partner with TerrAvion to provide an affordable and quality field imaging service for growers. TerrAvion coordinates manned flights throughout Central Washington and Northern Oregon on a subscription basis throughout the growing season. This allows growers to have an up-to-date picture and analysis of all of their fields.  

Growers have instant access to their data via TerrAvion's web portal and mobile app. This allows both the grower and our field scouts the ability to accurately pinpoint and address problems within the field. 

Below are just a few examples:

Powdery Mildew - Grapes.JPG
Aphid Infestation-Alfalfa.JPG

Growers can use TerrAvion imagery to identify areas susceptible to disease outbreak and to streamline scouting efforts. In this example, the NDVI image shows an at-risk area of high vigor, which could be inspected for disease outbreak. Pockets of high vigor see less sunlight and airflow, leaving grapes susceptible to midlew.   

Having identified an area prone to powdery mildew, the grower is able to direct in-field inspections to this area, and additional features let the grower track it over the season.  

Imagery can also identify and quantify pest infestations in their fields, and evaluate the effectiveness of an insecticide treatment throughout the season. In the example above, the May 12th NDVI imagery revealed areas of low vigor in the western half of this alfalfa field, which in-field scouting revealed to be an aphid infestation.   

Imagery can help guide targeted treatements, and to evaluate the effectiveness of applied treatments. 

Thermal and NDVI imagery can also be used to identify irrigation system failures. In the example on the right, the June 28th imagery reveals a clogged emitter. Importantly, the imagery allowed the grower to identify a sprinkler failure early on and corrected the problem in time. The July 20th imagery shows that the problem has been addressed, and the crop has recovered in the previously water-starved area.   

Catching sprinkler failures early on can help limit yield losses. 


For more information regarding rates and these services please feel free to contact Scott Stephen,