Management Information Systems (MIS).

Getting the right information to the right people is key to making the right decisions. We help you establish and implement systems for gathering the right data and distilling the right information from it. From data collection to full-stack application development, our goal is to find the best solution to fit your needs. 


  • Create and distribute field profitability reports to farm managers.
  • Build layers of field data into a GIS database.
  • Communicate warehouse or shed data to growers
  • Interface remote field collection with accounting and inventory systems
  • Coordinate and develop business-to-business connections of inventory data between a warehouse supplier and a remote sales desk.
  • Aggregate data from different sources, translating into a usable format.
  • Compile and distill confidential warehouse information for use by commodity commissions to better forecast crops.

Farm and Agribusiness Management Consulting

Agrimanagement offers a number of services in the area of farm and agribusiness finance and planning. Our agricultural economist has a ready base of information and experience in the production and marketing of the Pacific Northwest’s principal crops.


  • Market, crop, and industry evaluation.
  • Financial analysis, planning, and restructuring.
  • Cash flow budgeting and projections.
  • Enterprise accounting and analysis. Setup model for future growth and use.
  • Loan application preparation.
  • Analysis of prices and markets.
  • Production cost analysis.
  • Annual meeting presentations.