Leaf Analysis

Agrimanagement conducts leaf analysis on many crops throughout Central Washington, Columbia Basin, and Northern Oregon. Leaf analysis is a technique by which growers can monitor the complete nutritional levels of their crops. We currently conduct leaf analysis services on apples, pears, cherries, soft fruits, wine, juice grapes, corn and wheat. Leaf analysis allows us to measure the nutrient levels of a crop and determine how best to adjust applications to maintain or improve crop production and quality.

Once a request is made for leaf analysis sampling, a trained Agrimanagement scout will visit the field and collect leaf samples, using standardized procedures unique to the given crop and growth stage. While sampling, the scout will make pertinent observations that relate to the field conditions, the crop's health and nutrient condition. The sample is then sent to an independent laboratory for nutrient analysis.

We are then able to compare the plant's current nutrient levels to standardized historical values typical to that crop and growth stage. Agrimanagement consultants understand that both the levels of each nutrient and the ratio of nutrients to each other are important to producing a healthy and productive crop.