Posted by Scott Stephen

Some winters seem to fly by while others - we simply endure.  This winter has been persistent, which leaves everybody with the feeling that we are all behind. If the snow is not off of your fields, it soon will be. 

We are actively soil sampling in areas that have sandier soil, and as the siltier areas firm up, we are actively sampling them as well.  We are in the field at every opportunity. 

The winter precipitation in above average, and significantly higher than it has been in the past several years. Since the first of October 2016, Prosser received ~6.3", Toppenish ~6.0", Moxee ~6.1", and Harrah at ~7.6". Thankfully the precipitation was spread out through the winter, which helped reduce leaching. 

Agrimanagement has been using scientifically proven sampling methods since 1966.  We firmly believe that you can only get quality results from quality sampling.  If you soil sampled in the fall and moderate to high residual nitrogen was present within the profile, you may want to consider a few rechecks to assess if leachable nutrients have moved deeper.  You may need to consider adding some extra nitrogen to the fall recommendations for wheat and other crops. 

If you need soil sampling, please give us a call so that we can discuss your options.