The bug days of winter

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The insects are just as anxious as we are for winter to be over.

As an entomologist, I start longing for warm sunny days filled with insect collecting, especially when all I see while I look out my office window is snow still on the ground as we come into the second week of March. 

I know I am not the only one ready for this weather to take a turn for springtime.  I am sure each and every one of you are already feeling like you are behind on field work, as most of the fields are still hidden beneath some white stuff. 

During these winter month, we at Agrimanagement take the time to attend industry meetings for the many crops grown in our region.  Some of these meetings take us as far away as Savannah, Georgia, where David and Ethan attended this year’s National Association of Independent Crop Consultants (NAICC).  This month I will be attending a couple of insect related meetings; later this week I will be in Portland for the Biocontrols Conference USA West, then at the end of the month it will be the Entomological Society of America (ESA) Pacific Branch meeting in San Diego, California.   These meetings help keep us informed and up to date on many of the new exciting things happening within the world of agriculture.  More about these two meetings will be shared at a later date. 

I am looking forward to serving your pest management needs in this new growing season here with Agrimanagement, assuming the snow melts eventually.   

Lisa Brain

The Meaning of Being Independent

Agrimanagement, Inc. continues to hold firmly to the principal of independence.  We do not sell  ag-products, nor do we make any commission on ag-product sales.  Though we are independent of product sales, we do value interdependence and collaboration with growers and others in the ag industry.

Since 1965 Agrimanagement has offered services using ag-science principals, techniques, technology, and experience to provide relevant recommendations and information in a timely manner that benefit growers.

Being independent means that our services are offered on a fee basis.  Our fees are always up-front and clear which we believe helps Agrimanagement achieve a higher standard of transparency in business. We are members of the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants (NAICC) and are bound by a defined Code of Ethics, which can be viewed at

On the issue of transparency, this past Friday the Washington State Legislature quickly passed Senate Bill 6617, which provides significant exemptions to the Public Record Act.  In January, a Thurston County Supreme Court Judge ruled that records held by individual Washington State Legislators are subject to public disclosure, just as they are for local governments, state agencies, and the Governor's office.  However, the Legislature's actions disagree with current public disclosure and transparency laws.

Since all legislators are elected and represent the people that voted them into position, doesn't it seem appropriate for the people to know how they are being represented?  Whatever side you may be on, it is good to let our legislators know what we think ( ).

Current Outlook of Snowpack

Snow in the mountains is one of the life-lines to our valley.  Not only does it provide plenty of winter activities, it provides irrigation water for our crops.  Every year, we hope for sufficient snow in the mountains and this year has not disappointed.  While we don't have as much snow as last year, we do have a favorable snowpack, and depending on spring weather, we have the opportunity for ample supply.

The three-month weather outlook (March-May) from the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is predicting an above average probability for below normal temperatures, along with normal to above-normal precipitation. So, what started out as an early year, may end up being fairly normal. 

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TerrAvion & Agrimanagement


Agrimanagement is excited to partner with TerrAvion to provide an affordable and quality field imaging service for growers. TerrAvion coordinates manned flights throughout Central Washington and Northern Oregon on a subscription basis throughout the growing season. This allows growers to have an up-to-date picture and analysis of all of their fields.  

Growers have instant access to their data via TerrAvion's web portal and mobile app. This allows both the grower and our field scouts the ability to accurately pinpoint and address problems within the field in a timely manner.   

To the right is an example of how thermal imagery can be used to spot a clogged emitter early on in the season. For more imformation about rates and services, please contact Scott Stephen.