Agrimanagement & iMetos

Agrimanagement has collaborated with Metos USA to help pursue new agriculture technologies to help better serve our growers. iMetos is an Austrian based company who sells agricultural monitoring systems to give real time data on various aspects of farming. Their systems are manufactured at a uniformly high standard and defy even the most extreme weather conditions to ensure these products provide a low maintenance cost and reliable, accurate data. METOS® monitoring systems collect, store, process and directly transfer the data to the password protected platform Alternatively, the data can also be sent via radio, telephone line, GSM or an infrared port to a computer or any other data carrier. In this way, METOS® monitoring systems solve both tasks: reliable data collection and today’s even more important direct data communication. iMetos systems can provide various different functions to you as a grower, such as, weather forecasting, irrigation and soil moisture data, and plant disease models. To investigate these services check out

For more information see the brochures and video below: