Farm Research Services

Research Services

  • Product Efficacy (Seed, Pesticides, Fertilizers)
  • Variety Testing and Evaluation
  • Rate Determination Studies
  • Application Timing Trials
  • Yield and Quality Analysis
  • In-Lab Bioassay


  • Small or Large Plot Replications
  • Leaf and Petiole Nutrient Analysis
  • Soil Nutrient Analysis
  • Irrigation and Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Entomology Scouting (e.g. Nematode, Mites, Aphids, SWD, Psyllid)
  • Weed and Disease Identification
  • ARM Data Management Statistics

Associated Benefits

  • Well-rounded Professional Staff: Soil Scientist, Entomologist, Agronomists, Economist, IT Specialist, Field Sampling Crew
  • Grower Relationships
  • Independence From Product Sales
  • Timely Observations
  • Data Security